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Advance Termite Bait System for Monitoring

Advance Termite MonitoringDo I really need a termite monitoring system if termites aren’t present in my home?

Termite prevention is essential for all homeowners. Waiting until termites actually strike to take action to get rid of them is one of the biggest termite control mistakes a homeowner can make. Your home is simply too important, and the potential damages are too great, for a cross-your-fingers-and-wait strategy when it comes to termite control.

Termite Monitoring StationAdvance Termite Monitoring is a professional termite monitoring system that watches over your home 24 hours a day and lets your pest professional check regularly to make sure termites are not present.

Advance Termite Monitoring stations with termite inspection cartridges are strategically installed around your home. These cartridges contain active-ingredient-free Puri-Cell® monitoring tablets that termites find even more appetizing than wood.

If termites do show up at your home, the termite monitoring system can reveal their presence to your pest management professional, who will then work with you to determine the best next-step termite prevention and termite treatment strategies for your home and circumstances.