Termidor® in the Community

BASF Corporation and Termidor termiticide/insecticide are dedicated to improving the communities we serve through civic support, community giving, and sustainable, and smart termite control solutions.

With the help of our pest management professional partners, we’ve donated and supplied materials and services to help protect and preserve historical buildings, churches, museums, homes, and other structures throughout the United States.

As stewards of America’s #1 termite defense product, we believe we have an obligation to protect our communities and neighbors from the costs, loss, and trauma of termite damage.

Partners in preservation.

Hawaii’s Plantation Village preserving the history of Hawaii’s sugar plantations

Hawaii's Plantation Village is an outdoor museum telling the story of life on Hawaii's sugar plantations (circa 1850-1950). The Village has restored buildings and replicas of plantation structures, including houses of various ethnic groups and community buildings such as the plantation store, infirmary, bathhouse, and manager's office.

To ensure the Village will be around to help educate future generations BASF partnered with the stewards of the Plantation to provide a sustainable total termite control solution featuring the latest Termidor termiticide innovations and Trelona® Annual termite bait stations.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation: Protecting Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece in the desert

Built to coexist harmoniously with the Sonoran Desert, Taliesin West was the winter home of the world-renowned architect. It features a collection of buildings that embrace his concept of “organic architecture,” whereby buildings are designed and constructed in harmony with the natural world.

When those responsible for preserving the beloved site discovered termite mud tubes in Wright’s historic home several years ago, they knew immediate action was required. To ensure the masterpiece would be around for a long time, they partnered with BASF and ProBest Pest Management to create a sustainable termite control plan featuring Termidor® termiticide/Insecticide, Trelona® ATBS® Annual Bait Stations and other BASF solutions.

Is there a historic structure in your community that needs protection against termites?

If there’s a historically significant building or structure in your community that is being affected by termites and you would like us to consider helping protect and preserve it, please contact a local Termidor-pest professional.